Will Battle Grounds Mobile India Available..?

Battle Grounds Mobile India

Battle Grounds Mobile India

Finally a piece of good news for all the PUBG fans out there. The game is coming back to India with a new name which is Battle Grounds Mobile India. There are a few modifications in the game and as per the sources, the game is going to launch on Solar Eclipse Day which is on June 10th, 2021. It is not official yet, but other sources say that June 18th, 2021 is going to the official launch date of the game. Earlier this week, the game’s pre-registration has begun on the play store for Android users and some millions of users have registered for this game. But the bad news is the iOS Version of the game is still in the works and there is no official date mentioned about it.

There is huge excitement among the people now that their favorite mobile game is coming back online. We all know that PUBG was banned in India for some reason. Now as the game is getting officially launched with a new name then everybody is quite excited about this. But there are some restrictions for this game which are the game will have country-specific features which include exclusive outfits like Pagdi and others. The game is restricted to people who are below 18 years of age, and the green liquid will be to demonstrate the kill rather than showing the blood.

The game can be played on higher-end smartphones which have good resolution and supports fast internet. But the good news here is the liter version of the game is in development as per some sources and the users with low-end devices can also be played on the lower end smartphones. This means the people with 3G mobiles can easily play this game on their mobile. This would bring more downloads to the app and soon the game will be a blockbuster again.

But the game lovers hope may get crush because some current MP have started calling for a ban on the game. Recently, the former Union Minister MLA Ninong Ering wrote a letter to the Prime Minister requesting to ban the Battlegrounds Mobile India in his letter. He mentioned that Tencent is a Chinese company that was the leading investor of PUBG Mobile India. He pointed out many terms and conditions of the game.

Now we have to wait and see whether the game launch will be stopped or will it be released as scheduled.

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