Google I/O 2021 Highlights.

Google I/O 2021 Highlights.

The important meeting of the Google I/O 2021 Keynote did happen on Tuesday. Google CEO Sundar Pichai along with his executives have discussed the new developments in Google’s projects. This new development includes the latest version of Android 12, Wear OS, Smart Canvas, Google Maps, photos, and Google Chrome latest updates. Along with this, the most ambitious Google project is Project Starline and AI-based medical tools. Let’s discuss these things one by one in detail:

Android 12:

Google announced the new operating system Android 12 in this meeting. This is currently in the works and will go live through a public beta release. This new version will have more enhanced privacy controls with the interface design is new as well. In Android 12, The users are going to the new interface which will be based on the design language material which is called Material You. This will be also used in smart displays, and other hardware products as well.

New Wear OS:

Google and Samsung are coming together for this biggest update of Wear ever. The new wear OS is one of the major announcements, and in this new Wear OS, there will be some wonderful features like third-party tiles which will give us the ability to switch between apps just with a tap on the screen. This will also bring new interface designs to Google Maps and Google Assistant.

Smart Canvas in Google Workspace:

Google has introduced Smart Canvas in Google Workspace to increase the productivity of work. This will make the work of the users even easier, It allows the users to video call with their prospects while working on the assignments simultaneously. Google has also announced some other productivity updates in Google Docs, Sheets, and slides like Smarter meeting notes template and pageless Docs as well.

Updates in Google Suite:

As you all know that Google Suite is nothing but a combination of apps like Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Photos, and many others. In the I/O meeting, Google announced the Safe routing update on Google Map. The Navigation is combined with Artificial Intelligence, and with this update, Google Maps will show you the safer routes which will help you to avoid hitting more brakes. The detailed street maps will take some time, But it is happening.

Google Chrome’s update is a password manager. With this update, You can change your password with just a single tap. Creating a strong password will become necessary now.

Google Photo’s update is Google photos shows us the memories of our previous photos stored in the database. Now the users can also create Cinematic Moments with the photos, This will be like a video showing a group of photos together as a movie. Google Photos will also get Locked Folders in which you can store your photos and lock them with your fingerprint and PIN.

Project Starline:

Project Starline is one of the most ambitious projects of Google. In this new tool, With the use of high-resolution cameras and depth sensors, the users can capture any shape from multiple perspectives and combine them to create detailed models. This would enhance video conferring even better and this project is brought into the limelight because of the pandemic and most of the people are avoiding physical meetings.

AI-Powered Medical Tools:

Google announced its latest tool which is the AI-Powered Dermatology tool with this people can find out the answers to their skin problems. Just with the use of the camera on their smartphone and with the combination of this wonderful tool, The users will learn about 288 different skin conditions. With the help of a deep learning system, it can also detect pulmonary tuberculosis. Google is planning to work with Apollo Hospital in India and the center for infectious disease Research in Zambia to bring this tool into the limelight and make the work into reality.

Apart from all these updates, Google also announced the multi-device experience update in this one the user’s Android Phones will get an inbuilt remote with which they can control their Android TV and Google TV as well.

So these are the updates announced at the Google I/O conference. It’s just a matter of time, these tools will get into the market. Stay tuned. 

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