Google New Tool to Maintain Self Distance

Google's Sodar

Google New Tool to Maintain Self Distance

Google ready to release a new tool to help the public to maintain social distance in this pandemic situation. There is no vaccine for Coronavirus until the scientists find new vaccines to Corona people must maintain Social Distance with others to rescue them and their families from the corona. Because Corona takes 14 days’ time to reveal their symptoms. Up to 14 days public and the affected person didn’t know he had effected by COVID 19 virus.

By maintaining a social distance public can avoid the spreading of the Covid19 Virus. Public to maintain a self distance of 2 meters govt and private sectors take some rules and provide some facilities at public places. But private and govt sectors can’t provide facilities to maintain social distance in all places to avid this problem google invented a new tool Sodar to maintain a social distance of 2 meters.

With the help of Sodar tool, the public can maintain self distance by using their phone camera. The phone camera itself shows a line of 2 meters from the center point. And the line moves with the phone or user. If anyone breaches the line the phone displays an alert on the screen. The solar tools work with google made chrome browsers and android phones which support augmented technology. By using this tool public can identify the distance of 2 meters easily anywhere around them. Google to launch this tool in the upcoming week. And also google ready to provide the public location and their movement activities. Sodar tool user web XR to visualize 2-meter social distance in your environments. The Sodar tool came out of Experiments with Google project to help people in pandemic situations. 

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