iOS 15 launched

iOS 15 launched

Recently Apple has officially launched iOS 15 and many features in this new launch are quite wonderful. The improvements made on iMessage, Facetime, and others are the talk of the town now. Let’s see the updates mentioned in the iOS 15 in detail:

1)New Face Time Features:

If you are an iPhone user then you will definitely know what Facetime is all about. In the times of the Pandemic, it became quite difficult for the people to keep in touch. So Apple company made FaceTime Calls even more comfortable and very natural. This update is said to make people sound like they are in the room talking to each other face to face.

Voice isolations have been improved. FaceTime users can generate links to invite others to the call. These links can also be used by Android and PC Users in a browser. These calls are end-to-end encrypted for privacy measures. Screen Sharing will let others share information and the Share play option lets you sync with music with everyone in a Facetime call.

2)New Photo Features:

The latest updates in iOS 15 let the users detect Live Text and they can also capture information on a whiteboard. Live Text will understand seven languages. The latest update brings On-Device intelligence which will also help you get the info regarding recognizing the breed of a dog, type of flower, famous arts, books, and landmarks

3)New Search Features:

You can search your photos, text, and text in photos as well through Spotlight. There is also rich search result for contacts in search, showing call, text, Facetime, and email shortcuts. This rich search result is also applicable for actors, shows, movies, musicians, and any other popular content.

4)New Maps, Weather Features:

Apple Maps is getting an interactive globe that invites users to tap and explore global cities in detail. With more detailing the maps, The drivers can see the roads clearly and understand the routes quite easily. The maps are also available in 3D.

The weather app is also getting an update with new data and layouts for different weather conditions such as rain, air quality, and others. Thousands of variations are included in these updates which will help you understand wind, UV, barometric pressure data, Precipitation, and others.

This update is also applicable for iPad as well. iPad OS also got a new feature which is a translate app that lets the users practice handwriting with Apple Pencil. Auto Translate app detects which language you are speaking. All you need to do is just download the language to use the features on the device.

There are many other updates in iOS 15 like iMessage features, New Notifications, and focus features as well. As far as these updates are concerned, These are far better than the previous edition and we are quite sure that the users will love this update and the features that came along with it.

So these are all the details of iOS 15 features. We will get back to you with more tech news and other important info. Till then stay tuned, stay home and stay safe. 

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