PayTM issues Debit Card for users

PayTM issues Debit Card for users

Paytm Payments Bank has launched its physical debit cards which are issued by Visa. With these debit cards, the customers can get 50Lakh Visa acceptance points and it will allow them to tap and pay for contactless transactions. Right now Paytm Payments Bank has already issued over 45Lakh Virtual Debit cards. Now they are eyeing the target of 10 lakh Physical debit cards by the end of this month.

How to Apply for Physical Debit cards by Visa?

You can apply for the physical Debit card through the PayTM payments bank section which is available on the Paytm App. This debit card will give all the Visa Offers and other features which are included as international Payments, and tap and pay transactions. The Company management has mentioned that this is a step towards the digital financial ecosystem.

Physical cards will help many other people to have another payment method to rely on. These physical Debit cards will allow millions of users to avail different benefits of Visa Debit cards along with international transactions.

What are the Benefits of having a Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card?

  • With Paytm Payments Bank debit card, the users can experience the entire transaction process in a digital way.
  • Apart from applying for the physical card but they can also set the pin of the card once they receive it.
  • All the card management controls are built into the customer’s journey.
  • Customers can use this card across the globe and they can enjoy the amazing service of Visa Offers, it also comes with tap and pay transactions.

So these are all the details of Paytm payments bank Debit card. The orders have begun, Login into the Paytm app and apply for the debit card. Once you get the card, you can use it for your transactions. For further more updates on PayTM Payments Bank Debit card, Stay Tuned we will get updates on every new detail of this wonderful feature of PayTM Payments Bank Debit Card.

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