Smart Speakers in India

Smart Speakers in India

Smart Speaker has become an extraordinary commodity in a house now. The Speaker and the smart speaker are two different things, Many people get confused with it. A Speaker is nothing but a sound output device. But a smart speaker is something that is wireless and you can place it anywhere in the house. You just have to connect it to your Wi-Fi connection and with that, you can get all the information about the latest news, weather information, and other important content through that speaker.

So here are the best smart speakers available in India:

1)Google Nest Audio: Google Nest Audio is one of the best and topmost smart speakers available. It may be similar to Google Home but in terms of looks and design, Google Nest Audio is by far the best and the sound quality in this smart speaker is very good and even you if command it from across a room it picks it up quite easily. The smart speaker is available in two colors which are white and black.

The Price of Google Nest Audio is Rs 7,999/-

2)Amazon Echo Studio: Amazon Echo studio is suitable for people who have smart devices all across the house like smart lights, smart fans, and other devices. The Amazon Echo Studio can control them all and the device comes with a five-driver setup which includes three mid-range drivers, One tweeter, and one sub-woofer. Amazon Echo Studio’s sound quality is loud, clean, and engaging sound as well.

The Price of Amazon Echo Studio is Rs 22,999/-

3)MI Smart Speaker: Mi Smart Speaker is a device that comes in all shapes and sizes. This is a budget-friendly device and it is easily affordable. The Mi Smart Speaker functions very smartly and it is almost as good as Google nest Audio. The smart speaker brings to access to Google Assistant.

The Price of the Mi Smart Speaker is around Rs 3,999/-

4)Sony SRS Smart Speaker: Last but not least Sony Smart speaker is one of the best smart speakers which is water and dust resistant with good sound quality. You can access Alexa through Wi-Fi Connection and you can also access Spotify directly from the smart speaker. Sony Smart Speaker is an all-rounder with wonderful Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-fi-based functions available.

The Price of the Sony SRS Smart Speaker is Rs 18,918/-

So these are the best smart speakers available in the market. If your house is filled with smart devices then it is better to choose the Amazon Echo Studio. If you are using the speaker for normal informative and entertainment purposes then budget-friendly devices are the best. 

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