Xiaomi MI 11 X review

Xiaomi MI 11 X review

A holistic mobile gadget with a great processor,  11 X from Xiaomi comes with interesting features including multiple 108MP HM2 Primary Camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, and 120 Hz E4 AMOLED Display. A powerful yet slim, it offers you an exceedingly appealing design with 7.8 mm thickness. With a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology, it provides better security for this lightweight, flat-screen, lessening accidental touch mobile gadget. A fingerprint-resistant product in white, black, and silver color gives a delicate finish touch. It has a tiny punch-hole camera of 2.46 mm that bestows space for an enhanced gaming feel, reduces distractions, and increased the display area. 

Be a photography expert. The camera helps you in getting beautiful shots at any time of the day or night. It is equipped with a 108 MP HM2 primary camera,  5 MP telemacro camera, and 8 MP ultra-wide camera that lets you understand the exterior world infinite details with an ultra-high resolution.  You get to show numerous stories at an extreme angle bigger stage. The 3cm – 7 cm telemacro preserves those incredible moments. In addition, the 20 MP front camera guarantees the best version of your photography skills. You can also be a pro and build your cinematic work of art with brilliant movie effects with One- Click Artificial Intelligence Cinema. 

Built with 5 nm process technology, the superior Android chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor is a robust one in this 5G era.  It is made with 70% more powerful AI performance, 35 % GPU, and a fully upgraded 25 % faster CPU. The MEMC technology gives frames resulting in a smother viewing video experience. Supported with Dolby Atmos, the dual speakers bestow ultra-surround sound and a lovable audio experience. All this is offered at an affordable range starting from Rs 29,999/-. 

The superior X60 5G modem lets you relish without lag or buffer while watching videos and playing games. The UFS 3.1 + LPDDR5 RAM provides excellent backup on multiple works. The 4520mAh battery with 33W fast charging coupled with Middle Middle Tab (MMT) Technology, shows eternal performance and does not allow you to have to charge anxiety. Liveliness and comfortable experience is yours with an unbelievable smoothness and a fine display and has 120 Hz high refresh rate, the increased touch sampling rate of 360 Hz.  Certified with Display Mate A + technology, it gives a better display in terms of resolution, color accuracy, and brightness. The novel E4 light-producing material with enhanced pixel arrangement, improved photo quality, and increased brightness and HDR10+, it’s a pleasant screen experience.

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